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Spitzer Space Telescope Spitzer Spitzer Missions & Centers

The Spitzer Space Telescope (formerly SIRTF), the infrared component of NASA's series of Great Observatories, was launched on August 25, 2003. The Spitzer Science Center is located within IPAC, and the Spitzer Heritage Archive is hosted by IRSA.

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Herschel Space Observatory Herschel_sq Herschel Missions & Centers

Herschel Space Observatory is the European Space Agency's fourth "Cornerstone Mission". NASA is a partner in the Herschel mission, and the NASA Herschel Science Center is located at IPAC.

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In Development Data Archives at IPAC

AstroPix Astropix_tn Data Archives In Development

NASA uses a format called AVM (Astronomical Visualization Metadata) to embed astronomical data directly into images. We scraped over one hundred massive images taken from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and extracted the AVM data from those images.

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