From mazz@ipac.caltech.eduMon Feb  3 16:16:40 1997
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 16:44:59 -0800 (PST)
From: Joe Mazzarella 
To: Nian-Ming Chiu , Roc Cutri ,
    Tracey Evans , John Good ,
    Carol Lonsdale ,
    Joe Mazzarella 
Cc: Tom Chester ,
    Chas Beichman 
Subject: 07-Jan-97 2MASS DBWG (ISAIS WG?) Meeting Minutes

07-Jan-97 2MASS DBWG Meeting Minutes

ATTENDED: Nian-Ming Chiu, Roc Cutri, Tracy Evans, John Good, Carol Lonsdale, 
          Joe Mazz


Nian:      o Initial Informix server config is ready for 2MASS testing.
             See his email.
           o We initially have one big data partition to play with.

Roc:       o We need to integrate the 'master scan database'
             (subset of 'scan log' for scheduling observations)
             into the system.

Tracy:     o Working on SIS's for DBMAN & WSDB field defs.

Joe, John: o Suggested name for the system now on the draft Web pages is
             "IPAC Science Archive Information System" = ISAIS
             (this is an info. system based on the IPAC science archive).
             "IPAC Science ARChive" (ISARC) was suggested previously. 
             (Joe & John say: "But this is not just an archive.
             It is a software information system to do science with it.)
             Other name suggestions or comments?
           o ISAIS Web page (and directory) layout for draft design 
             docs and the prototype user system were revised. 
             Point Netscape to crystal:8080/ 
             Suggestions for improvements and additions are always welcome.
           o 2MASS Web accessible directly at crystal:8080/2mass/
           o Work on infrastructure & user system design docs.

Tracy:     o Work on DBMAN SIS's.   

Carol:     o Data disk partitioning and system design should be done
             considering that spatial cuts, typically in |glat|,
             will be common to the majority of queries.

All:       o We need to learn in detail how missing data (NULL) and 
             scaled ints are treated by Informix/Illustra.
           o Schedule 16 Jan meeting to review 2MASS+IRAS
             science requirements for ISAIS (or ISARC?) with 
             to open channels for requirements input for other
             IPAC missions.

(Ongoing actions omitted here. See task schedule on Web.)

Nian:      o (Re)configure Informix data/work space for non-2MASS db's.
           o Work with Tracy and Joe to load IRAS FSC and 2MASS SIM 
             into Informix.

Tracy:     o Load 2MASS SIM into Informix (w/ Nian & Joe)
           o Document DBMAN (3 SIS's); define additional fields, etc.
           o Help Joe make Web index for 2MASS SIS's, especially those
             requirded for ISAIS.

John:      o Schedule Informix/Illustra (Universal Server?) class for us.
           o Ping Informix about more copies of the docs for us.
           o Help Tracy complete draft column definitions.
           o Read docs to learn how missing data (NULL) and 
             scaled ints are treated in detail by Informix/Illustra.

Carol:     o Sign off on Joe's revisions to the Requirements doc.
           o Discuss hardware budget with Tom & Roc.

Joe:       o Load IRAS FSC into Informix (w/ Nian & Tracy)
           o Evaluate SDSS interface.
           o Complete Xcatscan+IRAS sections and revisions of 
             Requirements doc in preparation for 16-Jan meeting.
           o Hook SIS's to internal 2MASS Web (w/ Tracy & Roc).