From mazz@ipac.caltech.eduMon Feb  3 16:17:58 1997
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 11:43:01 -0800 (PST)
From: Joe Mazzarella 
To: ISIS -- Nian-Ming Chiu ,
    Roc Cutri , Tracey Evans ,
    John Good , Carol Lonsdale ,
    Joe Mazzarella 
Cc: Tom Chester 
Subject: 14-Jan-97 2MASS DBWG (ISISWG) Meeting Minutes

Reminder: Meeting today (postponed from Tue.) in SCR at 13:00.

14-Jan-97 2MASS DBWG Meeting Minutes

ATTENDED: Nian-Ming Chiu, Roc Cutri, Tracy Evans, John Good, Carol Lonsdale, 
          Joe Mazz


Nian:      o (Re)configure Informix data/work space for non-2MASS db's:
             DBs are now: tmass, iras, other
           o Work with Tracy and Joe to load IRAS FSC and 2MASS SIM 
             into Informix.
Tracy:     o Load 2MASS SIM into Informix (w/ Nian & John)
John:      o Got 6 more copies of the Informix docs for us.
           o Help Tracy complete draft column definitions (SIS).
           o Investigate how missing data (NULL) and scaled ints are 
             treated in detail by Informix/Illustra.
             (But details of how NULL is internally represented is
              still pending.)
           o Talked to RAID guys:
             -$346k for 600GB(?) is not enough for the long term.
             -It was decided to put off a RAID decision. 
             -RAID-dependent goals that will have  to wait: 
              shared-disk db opimization; repartitioning to increase 
              query speed; full-resolution on-line image archive; etc.
Joe:       o Load IRAS FSC into Informix (w/ Nian)

(Long-term ongoing actions omitted here. See task schedule on our Web.)

Tracy:     o Working on SIS's for DBMAN & WSDB field definitions (SIS)
           o Help Joe learn about 2MASS SIS's requirded for ISIS:
             DNMAN, bookkeeping, scans, etc.
John:      o Infrastructure (& User System w/ Joe) design docs.
           o Prototype/build infrastructure (& User System w/ Joe) code.
Joe:       o User System (& Infrastructure w/ John) design docs.
           o Prototype/build User System (& Infrastructure w/ John) code.
John:      o Work w/ Rosanne & Informix to finally schedule an
             Informix/Illustra (Universal Server?) class for us.
Carol:     o Sign off on Joe's revisions to the Requirements doc.
           o Discuss hardware budget with Tom & Roc.
Joe:       o Make 1st contact w/ Alex Szalay and Evaluate SDSS interface.
           o Complete Xcatscan+IRAS sections and revisions of 
             Requirements doc in preparation for wider ISIS meeting.
           o Hook SIS's to internal 2MASS Web (w/ Tracy & Roc).
Roc:       o Coninuing to refine output fields for DNMAN (w/ Tracy et al.)

All:       o ISIS is now the working system name.
Roc:       o USNO-A:
             -has no star/galaxy classification; next version (B) will.
             -has ~5e8 objects and takes up ~6 GB. Do we have the disk
              space to load it into Informix?
Tracy:     o NOTE: Draft SIS's are in /2massc/doc/design/sis/dbm*
Nian:      o Report from loading FSC: 
             -No tinyint (0-255) in Informix as in Sybase.
              We'll use smallint (2 bytes). This effects ~10 FSC fields. 
             -Timings for FSC (173,044 objects, 76 fields):
              ~10 min. to export from Sybase
              ~10 min. to import to Informix 
              ~20 min. to index in Informix ==> Informix can index 
                  ~10k objects/minute (for FSC-like tables)

NEW OR HIGH PRIORITY ACTIONS (See also ONGOING above and in Web Task List):

Joe:       o Complete and review Sci. Req. doc w/ Carol
           o Start contacts (w/ John) with IPAC mission managers 
             in preparation for general ISIS 'kick-off' meeting.
           o Make an "RTB" for Sybase->Informix db migration (FSC to start)
John:      o Summarize DB-Access usage modes (e.g., shell scripts) for us.
           o Call Cassini Project and get their story on the raid disk.
           o Help (w/ Nian) Tim get started  with Informix for WIRE.
           o *** See though scheduling of Informix classes (w/ Rosanne)
Nian:      o Make new partition for general workspaces:
             1) for 2MASS/ISIS developers
             2) for real-time data staging during user queries (ISIS)
             3) consider disk purging time-scales, etc.
           o Help (w/ John) Tim get started  with Informix for WIRE.
Tracy:     o Add colors to DNMAN SIS: J-H,B-R,B-J,H-K,R-K,R-J,J-K,B-K
             (refine list?) 
           o Identify "the best" mag for extended objects (w/ Roc)
Roc:       o Get Sci. Team to pick a "best" (default) mag to represent 
             extended objects (of course, all will still be maintained)