From mazz@ipac.caltech.eduMon Feb  3 17:30:38 1997
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 17:29:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Joe Mazzarella 
To: ISIS -- Nian-Ming Chiu ,
    Roc Cutri , Tracey Evans ,
    John Good , Carol Lonsdale ,
    Joe Mazzarella 
Cc: Tom Chester 
Subject: 29-Jan 2MASS DBWG Meeting Minutes; next meeting 13:00 04-Feb

29-Jan-97 2MASS DBWG Meeting Minutes

ATTENDED: Nian-Ming Chiu, Roc Cutri, Tracy Evans, John Good, Carol Lonsdale, 
          Joe Mazz


      o Make new partition for general workspaces:
        1) for 2MASS/ISIS developers
        2) for real-time data staging during user queries (ISIS)
        3) consider disk purging time-scales, etc.
      o Help (w/ John) Tim get started with Informix for WIRE.
      o Help Tracy load 2MASS SIM DB.
      o Initial SIS's for DBMAN & WSDB field definitions are ready.
      o Help Joe learn about 2MASS SIS's requirded for ISIS:
        DNMAN, bookkeeping, scans, etc.
      o Add colors to DNMAN SIS: J-H,B-R,B-J,H-K,R-K,R-J,J-K,B-K
        (refine list?) 
      o Identify "the best" mag for extended objects (w/ Roc).
        Answer: Isophotal eliptical mage, except for LCSBs where it will be a
        fixed circular aperture.
      o tmass.sim is now on-line. See below.

      o Work w/ Rosanne & Informix to finally schedule an
        Informix/Illustra (Universal Server?) class for us.
        *** Tentative dates for class: 18-20 Feb-97
      o Help (w/ Nian) Tim get started  with Informix for WIRE.
      o Summarize DB-Access usage modes (e.g., shell scripts) for us.
      o Make 1st contact w/ Alex Szalay and Evaluate SDSS interface.
        Email summary sent to team regarding status, Tcl/Tk, etc.
      o Complete Xcatscan+IRAS sections and revisions of 
        Requirements doc in preparation for wider ISIS meeting.
      o Review Sci. Req. doc w/ Carol
      o ISIS Req/Design general meeting rescheduled to 10AM 25-Feb-97;
        email will follow.
      o SIS refinements of output fields for DNMAN (w/ Tracy et al.)
      o Get Sci. Team to pick a "best" (default) mag to represent 
        extended objects (of course, all will still be maintained)
      o Sign off on Joe's revisions to the Requirements doc.
      o Discuss hardware budget with Tom & Roc.

(Long-term ongoing actions omitted here. See task schedule on our Web.)

      o Refinements on SIS's for DBMAN & WSDB field definitions: 
        extended sources, mag & color uncertainties and upper limits.
      o Deal with galaxies: There can be >1 extended source for a source 
        initially detected with point-source processing (overlapping coadds; 
        GALWORKS does not put these together), so galaxies will need point-source
        and GALWORKS positions.
      o Calibration scans need SIS's and tables in the DBMS.
        ~40 fields expected; define indexing scheme.
      o Index timing experiments needed:
        w/ and w/o various indexes, clustered indexes, etc.
      o Infrastructure (& User System w/ Joe) design docs.
      o Design/prototype infrastructure (& User System w/ Joe) code.
      o Call Cassini Project and get their story on the raid disk.
      o Find out more (w/ Nian) about HP/Informix business.
        Does this hardware/software bundle offer significant benefits?
        Summarize in email to team.
      o Continue contacts (w/ John) with IPAC mission managers 
        in preparation for general ISIS 'kick-off' meeting.
      o User System (& Infrastructure w/ John) design docs.
      o Design/prototype User System (& Infrastructure w/ John) code.
      o Install & evaluate SDSS Tcl/Tk interface for possible
        inclusion or modifications in ISIS.
      o Hook DBMAN SIS's to internal 2MASS Web (w/ Tracy).
      o Make an "RTB" for Sybase->Informix db migration (FSC to start)
      o Update 2MASS Web pages (internal docs under 1 protected index)
      o Find out more (w/ John) about HP/Informix business.
        Does this hardware/software bundle offer significant benefits?
        Summarize in email to team.
      o Refine mag/color uncertainties and upper limits (w/ Sci Team) 
        for DNMAN SIS (to Tracy).

1) Reviewed needs for 2MASS Survey Operations DB Management software.
Nian volunteered to modify DBMS client-server software he developed
which is in operation at groundstations (Goldstone, Canabera[sp?], etc.)
to solve this need.
Network access to Informix from UMASS to IPAC is not acceptable here.
2) 600-700 GB, but more likely 1 TB will be needed for compressed image archive.

1) Informix logging is currently turned off.
2) Loading tables w/ indexing is a lot faster than indexing after loading.

2MASS SIM Db is loaded, with all mags, colors, etc. indexed.
It took 25 hr to index ~12e6 rows.
A clustered index rearranges the order of the table as required.

NEW ACTIONS (See also ONGOING above and in Web Task List):

      o Send email to proj. leaders regarding 10AM, 25-Feb ISIS 
        Req/Design meeting
      o Will modify his own DB client-server software to solve 2MASS
        Survey Operations DB Management needs at UMASS
        Needs: -Simple ASCII table (rather than binary) data access.
               -Limited set of dbms functions may have to be extended.
        The rest will be detailed elsewhere by Roc.