From mazz@ipac.caltech.eduThu Feb  6 12:57:49 1997
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 12:56:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Joe Mazzarella 
To: ISIS -- Nian-Ming Chiu ,
    Roc Cutri , Tracey Evans ,
    John Good , Carol Lonsdale ,
    Joe Mazzarella 
Cc: Tom Chester ,
    Sherry Wheelock 
Subject: 04-Feb-97 2MASS DBWG (ISISWG) Meeting Minutes

04-Feb-97 2MASS DBWG (ISISWG) Meeting Minutes

ATTENDED: Nian-Ming Chiu, Tracy Evans, John Good, Joe Mazz


1) Regarding the SDSS interface:
To use the newly installed Tcl/Tk8.0 development language do the following:

a) Add this to your path (.cshrc): 
b) Add this to your environment (.cshrc):
   setenv TCL_LIBRARY /2massdba/tools/import/lib
   setenv TK_LIBRARY /2massdba/tools/import/lib
c) Type 'wish' to run the startup interpreter that allows you to type 
   Tcl commands interactively or execute script files.
d) If you want to try the SDSS graphical user interface (gui):
   cd /2massdba/tools/import/SDSS/gui
   Note: There are problems with the help and configuration.
   I will be in touch with Alex about these.
Discussion: We should probably focus on survey data sharing and source 
cross-comparisons, and not adopt the SDSS GUI for our initial development.
We'll keep a close eye on it and Tk/Tcl developments, and consider it for 
future advanced/experimental interface work after we build basic 
CGI and Java-based access capabilities.

2) There is a new "Astronomical Server URL" memo being circulated by CDS,
Strasbourg and ESA to propose a possible "syntax for information exchange
among remote astronomical services... using the HTTP protocol, thus
allowing embedded hyperlinks of the general form...".  Will distribute
copies. We will give them input and consider this in our ISIS design to
maximize synergy with other systems (great buzz words!). 

Discussion of UNIX workspaces (directories) for ISIS user access. Uses
tempname() to assign unique directories to avoid collisions and maintain
state, persistance and data for "sessions". We all agreed to the basic
concept, with tweaks to accomodate users who do not want/need to know
about persistence for certain queries and thus should not have to register
a user name and password, etc. (These types of queries will use temp. 
directories assigned on-the-fly and not tied to a user-provided name.)
Mazz point out that this type of architecture is used by Xcatscan and
ongoing WebNED developent. It is tried and true and should present few
difficulties. Design and usage details will be added to our ISIS design 
docs on the Web ASAP.

Carol (inabsentia): 
Reports that the IPAC ISIS meeting scheduled for 25 Feb. may have to be 
delayed from because of a WIRE meeting. Will confirm.

Discussion of partitions and disk space needed for Informix DB work:
It is important that work (or disk filling!) in one db does not 
lock up others. Draft names/requirements on table for discussion:

Informix db               Current Size  Notes
------------------------- ------------- ----------------------------------
tmass (.simu, .sdb, etc)   ~6GB         Main 2MASS ops db
tmassd (cals, QA, etc)     ---          Development/tesing tables
cats (.simu, .sdb, etc)    ~1 GB        IRAS, etc. catalogs 
                                        (now "iras"; like Sybase "a" )
isis                       ---          Run-time user [SI-type] tables
                                        (like Sybase "xcat")
ipac (other missions)      ~1 GB        Until they provide their own bulk
                                        storage disks, etc. (like Sybase "u")

Some Informix admin. utilities he has written that also have general use:
dbspace-        shows available space in db's (like 'df')
list_db-        lists tables in all db's  (like 'ls')
list_tbl [tbl]- lists tables in given db (e.g., 'list_tbl tmass')
onwho-          lists who is logged into the Informix server (like 'who')

NOTE: These only work on the Informix server karloff
and they are located in ~informix/local/bin. Example:
%rsh karloff '~informix/local/bin/onwho'


John: o Designed/built initial workspace (infrastructure) management 
        software w/ hooks to Java. See also discussion above.
      o Found out more about HP/Informix business. gave to John for memo.
      o Some index timing experiments. More in progress.
      o Hooked up DBMAN SIS's to internal 2MASS Web.
      o Updated general 2MASS Web pages: 
        -Internal docs are now under 1 protected index page.  See 
         "Mission Operations (restricted access)" at crystal:8080/2mass/
        -New index to minutes of DBWG (ISISWG) meetings added here. 
         Meeting minutes will be archived here. 
        -Link to analysis info. that will be produced and maintained by 
         others on the 2MASS team (e.g., for Tom Jarrett) added here.
         Comments/suggestions for reviions welcome.
      o Installed Tcl8.0 & Tk8.0 in /2massdba/tools/import and ran test suites.
      o Installed and configured SDSS Tk interface. See above for start-up info.
      o Evaluate SDSS Tcl/Tk interface for possible inclusion w/ mods in ISIS.
        See comments below.

(Long-term ongoing actions omitted here. See task schedule on our Web.)

      o Index timing experiments needed:
        w/ and w/o various indexes, clustered indexes, etc.
      o Refinements on SIS's for DBMAN & WSDB field definitions: 
        extended sources, mag & color uncertainties and upper limits.
      o Deal with galaxies: There can be >1 extended source for a source 
        initially detected with point-source processing (overlapping coadds; 
        GALWORKS does not put these together), so galaxies will need point-source
        and GALWORKS positions.
      o Calibration scans need SIS's and tables in the DBMS.
        ~40 fields expected; define indexing scheme.
      o Infrastructure (& User System w/ Joe) design docs.
      o Design/prototype infrastructure (& User System w/ Joe) code.
      o Call Cassini Project and get their story on the raid disk.
      o Find out more (w/ Nian) about HP/Informix business.
        Does this hardware/software bundle offer significant benefits?
        Summarize in email to team. Send email.
      o Discussions (w/ Joe) with IPAC mission managers in preparation 
        for general ISIS req/design 'kick-off' meeting.
      o Working on high-priority Survey Operations DB (non-Informix) project.
      o Refine mag/color uncertainties and upper limits (w/ Sci Team) 
        for DNMAN SIS (to Tracy).
      o Discussions (w/ John) with IPAC mission managers in preparation 
        for general ISIS req/design 'kick-off' meeting.
        ISO & SIRTF (George & Rick): Friday, 07-Feb, 11:00
        WIRE (Tim & Perry): TBD
        MSX (Mehrdad): TBD
      o User System (& Infrastructure w/ John) design docs.
      o Design/prototype User System (& Infrastructure w/ John) code.
      o Make an "RTB" for Sybase->Informix db migration (FSC to start)
NEW ACTIONS (See also ONGOING above and in Web Task List)

      o Meet w/ Sherry regarding 2MASS postage-stamp server and begin
        work to integrate it into prototype ISIS interface(s).
      o Draft agenda and viewgraphs for IPAC ISIS meeting (w/ John)
      o Distribute copies of CDS/ESA "Astronomical Server URL" memo.
      o Email to ipac-staff about 18-20 Informix classes.
      o Draft agenda and viewgraphs for IPAC ISIS meeting (w/ Joe)
      o Please summarize for us what disk space is now and will be available
        for 'tmass' db for start and first 6 months of mission.
      o Review draft agenda and viewgraphs for IPAC ISIS meeting 
        (w/ Joe&John&Carol)
      o Review draft agenda and viewgraphs for IPAC ISIS meeting 
        (w/ Joe&John&Carol)