15-Apr-97 2MASS DBWG (ISISWG) Meeting Minutes

ATTENDED: N. Chiu, T. Evans, J. Good, C. Lonsdale, J. Mazzarella, S. Wheelock

1) IPAC User's Committee Meeting presentation (1-Apr-97): Joe,John,Carol
   Viewgraphs are here.
2) ISIS Requirements and Design Review (8-Apr-97): Joe,John,Carol
   Viewgraphs are here.
3) Caltech Pres.' Fund Proposal ("2MASS Meets DPOSS"): Roc,Chas,Joe,Carol
4) Status of DBMAN output into Informix for Dry Run data: Tracy
   o 28 scans done successfully; 
   o Facts: -rolls back all data for a scan if there is a problem
            -data inserts take 30-60 sec per scan (~5k sources)
            -indexing is done after loading all scans and currenty takes ~2.5 min
            -~75 scans/night; ~350k sources expected per night
   o To do: close files, fix color calcs., use data dictionary, 
            handle auxillary tables.
            Test if t_index ~ N_new*log_#tree_nodes(N_existing) as expected.
5) Data Dictionary design for 2MASS Pnt/Ext DBs: Joe,Tracy,...
   -See Data Dictionary Specs
   -Comments to Joe or Tracy.
6) Informix access software and data flow design: John
        Database Query Processing
   -Comments to John.
7) Review of DB/archive tasks,priorities,schedule for QA: Carol
   -Handout provided.
PRIORITY ONGOING ACTIONS (Long-term responsibilities/tasks omitted here. 
                          See http://crystal:8080/design/tasks/)

      o DBMAN dev and testing
      o Infrastructure apps (RSM, structure handling, workspace, security)
      o Informix access software and data flow design (w/ Joe)
      o Reorganization of software configuration (w/ Joe)
      o Design DB "data containers" to maximize query efficiency.
        How will fields=columns be partitioned (split into relations); 
        how will objects=rows be partitioned (across disk space); etc.
      o Organizing possible funding cf. ORIGINS (w/ Amy Walton; Chas)
      o Coordinating NPACI involvement
      o User Interfaces (w/ John)
      o System design tweaks (w/ John)
      o Revise, maintain and eventually generalize 2MASS image server


      o Initial Informix (ESQL/C) data access program: "search"
      o Gather image access requirements: frames,scans,coadds,galaxies,etc.