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This memo summarizes the set of observations that the IPAC 2MASS staff have collected as desirable to test the software, solve some extant hardware and operating questions, and sample a full range of point source and extended source parameter space in all three bands. It remains to collect additional observing suggestions from the rest of the science team, for these observations to be prioritized, and for specific objects to be selected. Approximate amounts of time needed for each observation are given for each item and summarized at the end of the memo.

The main observations fall into 3 basic categories: The time estimates are based on a 1.3 second survey exposure time, a 1ms reset delay and a step time between scan frames of 0.3s, resulting in 1.7 seconds per frame. Time overheads are not given for each item below but are incorporated into the summary at the end of the memo.

Gaylin Laughlin
Tue Feb 14 09:11:22 PST 1995