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Detector Tests

Acquire a set of dark frames with a longer reset delay than the default 1ms to test the effect on the photometric inhomogeneities. Use a delay long enough such that the peak amplitude of the reset decay pattern is reduced by at least 50%, as shown in the January lab tests. Do at the beginning of at least one night.

A sequence of 100 frames each at 50ms and 100 ms results in 340 secs.

Tests of the flat-fielding quality with a good sequence of both twilight and dome flats with gradually varying illumination levels in all 3 bands. Should be done over several nights to check stability.

A sequence of 100 flats on each of the twilight sky and the dome, in each band, will take 1020 secs.

Linearity tests.

Stare mode exposures with gradually increasing exposure times in sequences of 10 exposures per time setting will take 900 secs.

These three tests can all be done during twilight time therefore they do not add to the total number of nights of observing time.

Gaylin Laughlin
Tue Feb 14 09:11:22 PST 1995