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Of the 32 point sources that were incomplete or unreliable, 17 were extractions of real sky events such as double stars and galaxies. There was also one radiation hit.

Nine of the incomplete and unreliable events were due to bright source (K < 8)) position separations where at least one extracted position fell outside a 3" confirmation radius. This is easily fixed by adjusting a software parameter that sets the limit for the confirmation radius. The R1R2-R1 merge and the bright source position problems both fall in this catagory.

Finally, five of the incomplete and unreliable point sources were due to persistence which were not removed in the clean up processor. This is also easily fixed by adjusting a software parameter which sets the window limits for locating persistence.

Reasons for the failures can be catagorized as either due to sky events or 'easily fixable' problems. Therefore, once the sky events are removed and the parameters adjusted, completeness and reliability is 1.0 down to 14.5 K magnitude.

Gaylin Laughlin
Tue Feb 14 12:34:58 PST 1995