From jwf@ipac.caltech.eduFri May 23 10:30:58 1997
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 17:36:19 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: WG Mtg #122 Minutes

           IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting #122 Minutes

Attendees: R. Beck, T. Chester, R. Cutri, D. Engler, T. Evans,
           J. Fowler, V. Frey, L. Fullmer, T. Jarrett, B. Light,
           J. Mazzarella, H. McCallon, S. Wheelock, J. White


1.) Processing Status
2.) Disk Data Crunch
3.) Seeing Anomaly
4.) Informix Status


1.) Processing Status

    R. Cutri reported that 970418n had been processed with only one scan
failing to make it to completion. This scan failed during the pattern-matching
processing. Many scans in 970423n had problems caused by a tape format error;
negative hour angles were missing their leading zero in the hours position. A
temporary workaround will be installed, and the observatory has been notified
of the format error.
    The observatory will resume operations in a day or two. 2MAPPS is supposed
to be able to process engineering tests for quick-turnaround analysis. By mid
June, 2MAPPS is supposed to be able to handle tape-read tests, validation, and
calibration scan processing for the survey data that will probably begin to be
taken in late May. Parameter tuning and runtime improvements will be
undertaken in the meantime. Subsystem lien lists and schedule information
should be sent to Roc. Version 2.0 of 2MAPPS is scheduled to go online on
September 1, after which concern will shift to southern hemisphere activities.

2.) Disk Data Crunch

    R. Cutri reported that disk usage is too high on rodan, as well as on
lugosi and karloff. The 95 data will have to be spooled off of rodan soon, and
image compression will be undertaken on karloff so that uncompressed images
can be removed.

3.) Seeing Anomaly

    T. Jarrett and T. Chester reported that an anomaly had been discovered in
the seeing parameter for scan 052 of 970423n. The seeing appears to be rather
good for almost all of the scan except for a period of about 30 seconds
partway into the scan, during which time the FWHM of the PSF is about 0.7
arcsec larger than elsewhere in the scan. It is unusual for such a large
change to occur so suddenly, and it is even more unusual for it to disappear
equally suddenly. Normally a seeing increase continues to random-walk rather
than return suddenly to a sharp value. Something else is suspected to be going
on, but it is not yet known what this could be. Analysis of this anomaly will

4.) Informix Status

    J. Mazzarella reported that Informix access requests for data from the
2MASS database are now working. Currently only protocam data are contained in
the data base, but the procedure for adding data and accessing appears to be