Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 23:48:00 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: IPAC 2MASS WG Mtg #150 Minutes
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           IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting #150 Minutes

Attendees: R. Beck, R. Cutri, S. van Dyk, T. Evans,
           J. Fowler, L. Fullmer, T. Jarrett, D. Kirkpatrick,
           G. Kopan, H. McCallon, B. Wheaton, S. Wheelock,
           J. White


1.) Quality Criteria
2.) 2MASS-to-SIRTF Transitions
3.) Southern Data
4.) Null Values for Photometric Uncertainty
5.) Visit by M. Skrutskie


1.) Quality Criteria

    R. Cutri reported that a telecon would be held on the morning
of Wednesday, 29 April, to discuss criteria for quality
assessment. This will include criteria for deciding: (a.) whether
scans are acceptable for inclusion in the data base; (b.) when
and how to update the survey-tile data base; (c.) whether a tile
should be scheduled for re-observation, and how to implement

2.) 2MASS-to-SIRTF Transitions

    J. Fowler and J. White reported that they are now in the
process of phasing out of 2MASS and into SIRTF, with about 20% of
their time currently allocated to SIRTF. This will increase to
80% in late June.

3.) Southern Data

    R. Beck reported that processed data from the southern
observatory is on rex, mostly 980319s and mostly cal scans. R.
Cutri requested all cognizant engineers to check the products
from their subsystems. The new "where2" utility should be used to
find the latest locations, e.g., "where2 south".

4.) Null Values for Photometric Uncertainty

    T. Evans requested information on how to use the photometric
uncertainty value of 8.888 for data base loading purposes;
specifically, is it a "null" indicator like 9.999? It was decided
to defer this question to a splinter group. [Note added in proof:
B. Wheaton later reported that 8.888 is assigned in PROPHOT when
the newly approved one-sigma dispersion parameter comes out
negative or greater than 8.888, which is possible with the
inclusion of negative fluxes in the flux-domain averaging; J.
Fowler reported that the same is true in PFPOST. 8.888 was chosen
to be different from 9.999 to indicate that in fact non-null
photometric values had been averaged. The decision how to encode
this information in the data base remains to be made.]

5.) Visit by M. Skrutskie

    R. Cutri reported that M. Skrutskie will visit IPAC from May
26 through May 29 to work on darks, flats, and masks.