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Subject: IPAC 2MASS WG Mtg #155 Minutes
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           IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting #155 Minutes

Attendees: R. Cutri, S. Van Dyk, T. Evans, L. Fullmer, D. Kirkpatrick, 
           G. Kopan, H. McCallon, W. Wheaton, T. Jarrett, R. Beck,
           J. White, B. Nelson, T. Chester


1.) 2MAPPS v2.1
2.) Science Team Meeting in July
3.) The 2MASS Sampler


1.) 2MAPPS v2.1

    R. Cutri asked the penetrating question, "has everybody delivered?"  To
which the answer was almost unanimously affirmative, except for a couple
individuals, who were still working to get their additions into the new version.
R. Beck is to do a new "make" on the morning of July 1, with the new version.
The new version will be used on the RTB nights.  But, first, a run will be done
on 980328s on rex with 2MAPPS 2.0.X, to establish a baseline for comparison 
with a run using 2MAPPS 2.1.  R. Cutri will add 980628s, when it becomes
available, to complement the list of southern RTB nights to four in number.

    The schedule is as follows:  the next two weeks will be for integration and
testing on RTB nights.  R. Cutri feels that not a lot of i & t will be involved,
but rather that time should be used for parameter tuning and production psf 
generation.  We should be close to full operations after two weeks, with a 
two-week buffer, just in case.  In any event, the idea is to move toward a 
fully-operational southern OPS pipeline by August 1.  A high priority is the 
PROPHOT PSF definition by W. Wheaton.  T. Evans pointed out that parameter 
tuning in MAPCOR needs to be done, particularly for persistence finding, rates, 
etc.  R. Cutri states that persistence are not nearly as problematic as filter 
glints, which still need to be better defined in the artifact tuning.  After 
the two weeks, intense completeness & reliability testing will be undertaken 
for the southern RTBs.  But this c&r should follow in the mode of the northern 
c&r, and so should be straightforward to complete.
    A normal shutdown in August for the monsoon season will assumedly be 
necessary in the north.  During this downtime,  attempts would be made to 
improve the work that was done in early June to the northern facility, the 
particular problem being collimation.  Any changes will have their natural
effects on the pipeline, e.g., a need to redefine the northern PSFs.

    R. Cutri and T. Jarrett report that, currently, the northern RTB night 
971116n is being re-run with the most recent version of GALWORKS.

2.) Science Team Meeting in July

    R. Cutri reminded everyone that the 2MASS Science Team Meeting is
scheduled for July 20 and 21.  All 2MASSers are encouraged to attend the

3.) The 2MASS Sampler

    No, not the Whitman Sampler; the 2MASS Sampler, which is scheduled for
September 15.  This will represent one night's worth of data, an RTB night,
which is still to be selected.  Access by the community will likely be through
a web interface, via the database access, or ftp, or a CD-ROM.  The medium has
not yet been selected.  A lot of work is clearly necessary to prepare
for this data release.  R. Cutri and T. Chester are working on the final
product generation, specifically on how to convert from a database to a catalog.

    The purpose of the 2MASS Sampler is threefold: to introduce the community
to the data content, to the data interface, and also to address various
political concerns.  Clearly, it is a vehicle to obtain feedback from the
community about the format and content of the 2MASS data product, before the
larger spring 1999 data release.

    The spring data release will be March 15, not April 15, and will include
everything from the north that has been processed through October 1.  This
will consist almost entirely of data from early this year, which have their
various problems, but R. Cutri states that these nights all have a non-zero
probability of meeting the Level 1 specifications.

    T. Evans stated that all data with quality level 3 and above are now going
into the database.

    R. Cutri urged all to look hard at the RTB nights from the south, once
they are processed, which are 980328s, 980403s, 980514s, and (soon) 980628s.