Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 15:45:39 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: IPAC 2MASS WG Meeting #167 Minutes
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           IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting #167 Minutes

Attendees: R. Cutri, G. Kopan, S. Van Dyk, R. Beck, T. Evans, R. Hurt, 
           J. Fowler, H. McCallon, S. Wheelock, R. Tam, D. Kirkpatrick,
           W. Wheaton, T. Jarrett, L. Fullmer, T. Handley


1.) Project Update 
2.) Sampler, IRSA, data products, etc.
3.) New and Standing Action Items 


1.) Project Update 

     Northern telescope has better focus now at Ks, at the small expense of J.  
Fifteen to twenty north polar scans are coming in with Polaris in the images.
The Leach electronics were tested; there is currently one set, with another set
to come soon.  The electronics are "plug-compatible," so that they can be
swapped in or out.  The question is whether these will become the main 
electronics or serve as a backup.

     In the south the K-band jump, previously reported by R. Hurt, seems to have
vanished in scans taken in July and August.

     Upcoming dates of interest:  Oct 30 is the ERB Meeting, with the Sampler
release to follow shortly thereafter.  The next Science Team Meeting is 
scheduled for Dec 7 and 8.

2.) Sampler, IRSA, data products, etc.

     T. Handley joined the proceedings this afternoon.  He reported that the
Sampler is currently username- and password-protected.  The Sampler point source
catalog is to be loaded as soon as it is delivered.  The routine MKCAT is being
used to generate the catalog; it has a similar format to shortform, but filters
artifacts, etc., from the data more efficiently.  The testing of IRSA tools by
2MASS team members has resulted in the correction of several anomalies.  

     A long list of tasks is being developed toward final product generation.
To that end, two more people may be added over the next couple months.

     R. Hurt reports that the QA webpage is being modified and will be up and
running full-speed very soon.  Various necessary and aesthetic modifications 
will have been made.

     T. Evans, with R. Tam, is to run down various MAPCOR algorithms that are 
related to bright star cleanup for the Sampler, which must be done by hand.

3.) New and Standing Action Items

%                                                      %
%                 ACTION ITEMS                         %
%                                                      %

a) Team members were requested to have, in two weeks, a wishlist associated
with their particular pipeline tasks for 2MAPPS v3.0.

b) Team members were requested to continue to test the IRSA tools.

c) Some discussion was generated regarding the proposals, stemming from the
recent management retreat and "all-hands" meeting, dealing with revamping the
sci-staff structure, and whether an equivalent restructuring should be done
for the eng-staff.  Team members were encouraged to contemplate on these
proposals and to voice their opinions.

Standing Action Item:

H. McCallon to present a task plan for improving positional errors in the 
database by the end of October.