Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 11:23:09 -0800 (PST)
To: 2mass
Subject: IPAC 2MASS WG Meeting #171 Minutes
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           IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting #171 Minutes

Attendees: R. Cutri, G. Kopan, T. Jarrett, D. Kirkpatrick, R. Hurt,
           R. Tam, W. Wheaton, S. Wheelock, et al.


1.) ERB Meeting 

2.) Project Update

3.) New and Standing Action Items 

(Much gratitude is expressed by S. Van Dyk, who was not present, for the assist
by R. Tam.  The attendance list is not complete, and the report is brief.)


1.) ERB Meeting

     A rundown was given on the previous week's ERB meeting in Amherst.  The ERB
was particularly impressed with the project's overall results.  The ERB
presented a number of comments, concerns, and suggestions.

2.) Project Update

     T. Jarrett and G. Kopan gave a report on the J-banding effect.  As a 
brief review, they indicated that a 0.1 DN jump is relevant to galaxy detection,
because a 0.1 DN jumps translates into a 10% error in photometry.  This will 
systematically brighten galaxies that fall within those bands.  The current plan
now is to build a diagnostic tool and subsequently characterize the data.

     Since the hardware breakpoint occurred between 981019n and 981020n, G. 
Kopan, R. Hurt, and D. Kirkpatrick will be examining these two nights in depth,
looking for anything out of the ordinary.

     S. Wheelock provided an update on the secondary calibrators.  
     W. Wheaton indicated the main list of PSFs for the hardware breakpoint 
will be delivered in about two weeks.

     Dino and Barney will leapfrog each other at the hardware breakpoints.
3.) New and Standing Action Items

%                                                      %
%                 ACTION ITEMS                         %
%                                                      %

      R. Cutri did not assign any new action items.  

(Standing Action Items:)

a) Team members should continue testing the IRSA tools.

b) Team members should continue to analyze data for spring data release.

c) Team members are reminded that performance reports covering October and 
November will be due on Dec 2.