IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting Minutes, #66

IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting #66 Minutes 7/18/95

Attendees: T. Chester, R. Cutri, T. Evans, J. Fowler, L. Fullmer, T. Jarrett, G. Kopan, B. Light, J. White


  1. August '95 Science Team Meeting
  2. Proposed Obs/IPAC Interface Document
  3. Status Reports


  1. August '95 Science Team Meeting -- A science team meeting is scheduled at IPAC for August 2-3. A memo containing the agenda has been distributed. The main subjects will be the analysis of the April '95 data and the galaxy processing subsystem. It was noted that the agenda list appears somewhat ambitious for a two-day meeting. It is desirable to complete the current analysis tasks before the meeting, and if possible to have some results from the revised frame-flattening technique.

    Another subject of the meeting will be a talk by B. Light on the inner workings of KAMPhot. He showed some plots comparing PSF FWHM values to the "pfrac" parameter produced by G. Kopan's bumps program; the correlation was strong. The related subject of seeing estimation arose; once again the frequency of the estimate was questioned. The baseline approach for 2MAPPS has been to estimate the seeing once per N (TBD) point sources, probably with a minimum of one estimate per scan, although if the scan is too sparse for a good estimate, some measure of uncertainty would be needed. No method for computing such an estimate was apparent.

  2. Proposed Obs/IPAC Interface Document -- A request to change the Observatory/IPAC Interface document has been received from M. Rudenko. There is a desire to combine the three bands' frame data into a single file. The header file is also requested to become part of the same file. This causes problems for the 2MAPPS design. A splinter group consisting of R. Cutri, J. Fowler, G. Kopan, and J. White will study the issue and send a response.

  3. Status Reports -- The monthly status report from each attendee was requested, and the following information was provided.