IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting #73 Minutes

IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting #73 Minutes, 9/19/95

Attendees: T. Chester, T. Evans, J. Fowler, G. Kopan, B. Light, C. Lonsdale, S. Terebey, J. White


  1. SDS Work
  2. Observatory/IPAC Interace Document, Rev. I


  1. SDS Work-- The main activity at this time is SDS writing. The only outstanding issue is flowchart software. Developers using DOS/MS-Windows word processing and flowcharting software are all set up (actually, the flowchart software has been ordered but hasn't arrived; however, it has been shown to work as needed). It is hoped that Macintosh users will be able to use the existing Mac software ported to the WIRE Mac. T. Evans reported that a demo of another unix-based flowchart program has been obtained and set up; this is called RoboChart. B. Light will investigate this program. [Note: after the meeting, B. Light discovered that this program looks quite good, and we will pursure obtaining a fully functional copy.]

  2. Observatory/IPAC Interace Document, Rev. I-- J. White reported that he has finished writing a draft of Revision I of the Observatory/IPAC Interface Document. This includes changes suggested by M. Rudenko. J. Fowler will proofread the draft.