IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting #78 Minutes

IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting #78 Minutes, 11/14/95

Attendees: R. Cutri, J. Fowler, L. Fullmer, G. Kopan, B. Light, S. Terebey, J. White


  1. 2MAPPS System Delivery
  2. External Review & Upcoming CDR
  3. PSF Studies


  1. 2MAPPS System Delivery -- J. Fowler reported that at the previous day's Project Meeting, C. Beichman had stated that 2MAPPS must be capable of passing observatory data end-to-end by September 1996; although some functions may be dummied, the main point-source handling routines must be operational to a sufficient extent to allow realistic products to emerge. The current schedule shows the initial 2MAPPS system delivery on August 1, 1996, with integration and testing proceeding from then. Being able to pass point sources end-to-end will be needed to support the telescope and camera testing. If the current 2MAPPS schedule is kept, then the desired capability should be in place when the time comes.

  2. External Review & Upcoming CDR -- R. Cutri reported that the External Review just held in Amherst had gone exceptionally well, with virtually no negative conclusions being reached. A desire to extend the survey period for additional sky coverage overlap was expressed. There was interest in the recent science results, which include a newly discovered quasar and some intriguing objects that are bright in the K band but absent from the IRAS 12 micron catalog. The CDR is tentatively scheduled for January 26, 1996. Signoffs on the SDS's will be sought for late December.

  3. PSF Studies -- S. Terebey reported that she is generating a PSF model based on a recent approach to modelling seeing and the empirical PSFs derived from protocamera data. The goal is to allow the study of nongalaxy extended sources to be carried out closer to bright objects. She has encountered some problems applying the model PSF to the coadds and requested information on the PSF appropriate to coadded images and how this relates to those computed from individual frames. G. Kopan explained the relationship and will provide additional information as needed.