IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting #88 Minutes

IPAC 2MASS Working Group Meeting #88 Minutes, 3/05/96

Attendees: T. Chester, R. Cutri, T. Evans, J. Fowler, L. Fullmer, T. Jarrett, D. Kirkpatrick, G. Kopan, B. Light, H. McCallon


  1. Monthly Activity Reports
  2. PS CDR Agenda


  1. Monthly Activity Reports --

  2. PS CDR Agenda -- R. Cutri reported that a conference call had been held to discuss the agenda for the Point Source Critical Design Review to be held March 21 (this is a change from the previous schedule; March 21 was to be the science team meeting, and the CDR was to be March 22; the two activities have been interchanged on the schedule). A more detailed list will be distributed soon, but in the meantime, the following speakers and topics were identified: J. Fowler will describe the bandmerging algorithm design; H. McCallon will present an overview of the POSMAN algorithm and discuss the testing performed up to that time; T. Chester will discuss position reconstruction in general; R. Cutri will discuss flat fielding and sky subtraction; S. Wheelock will present studies of completeness and reliability, including the implications of using the DAOFIND algorithm on coadds versus KAMPhot's detection algorithm applied to its internally filtered frame averaged representation; J. Fowler will discuss the status of the 2MAPPS point source software design and coding and the SDS signoffs.