2MASS Galactic Center Page

Three different "zoomed" views of the Galactic Center, as seen by 2MASS. The Atlas Image mosaic was constructed by E. Kopan (IPAC/Caltech).


This covers 1.9° × 1.9°. Full JPG size is 10.7 MB.


This covers 0.6° × 0.7°. Full JPG size is 1.1 MB.


This covers 6.8´ × 6.7´. Full JPG size is 40 kB.

Postscript version of text on 2MASS and the Galactic Center. The Latex version of the text is here.

Postscript version of Figure 1 (2MASS color-color diagram of 6° × 8.5´ around the Galactic Center for ~100,000 stars).

HTML version of the text is here.

JPG version of the Figure 1 is here.

For more information about 2MASS, please see The 2MASS website at IPAC and The 2MASS website at UMass.

Access the 2MASS 1999 Spring Incremental Data Release (2483 square degrees of northern data).
The Galactic Center data will be included in an upcoming Incremental Release.

Last updated 1999 May 14 by Schuyler D. Van Dyk.