II. Contents of the Second 2MASS Incremental Data Release

5. Extended Source Postage Stamp Images

Small cut-outs of the non-compressed J, H and Ks Atlas Images around each of the XSC sources in the Second Incremental Release are available on-line. The Postage Stamp Image sizes are scaled to the size of the object, ranging from 21´´ × 21´´ for the faintest galaxies (Ks > 13 mag) to a maximum of 101´´ × 101´´. For galaxies larger than 101´´, it is best to use the 2MASS Survey Visualizer, which will display larger (but lossy compressed) 2MASS Atlas images.

The 2MASS Extended Source Postage Stamp Images are 3-dimensional FITS image cubes, containing three image planes. Each plane contains the J, H and Ks 2MASS image data, respectively. The near-infrared background emission has been subtracted from each image plane. Positional and photometric calibration information are included in the image header.

[Last Updated: 2000 January 26; by R. Cutri]

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