VI. Analysis of the 2MASS Second Incremental Release Catalogs


This section contains reports from selected analyses of the 2MASS Second Incremental Release Catalogs. The analyses describe the general properties of the contents of the Catalogs and their characteristics in the context of the Level 1 Science Requirements for the Survey.

Cautionary note - This section is currently assembled by linking to various internal and external web sites. Because the external sites are not under our control, the contents of these reports may change and reliable access cannot be guaranteed.

1. Comparison of Achieved Performance of Second Incremental Release Catalogs with Level 1 Science Specification

2. Global Photometric Properties

    Point Source Catalog

  1. Photometric Uniformity and Sensitivity
  2. Global Source Count Slope Maps
  3. Photometric and Astrometric Accuracy Using Tile Overlaps
  4. Extended Source Catalog

  5. Analysis of Duplicate Sources in the Tile Overlap Regions
  6. Photometric Uniformity

3. Color Transformations for the 2MASS Second Incremental Data Release

4. Completeness and Reliability

    Point Source Catalog

  1. PSC Completness and Reliability from Tile Overlaps
  2. Extended Source Catalog

  3. 2MASS Galaxy Completeness
  4. XSC Reliability
  5. Extended Sources in the Galactic Center
  6. Large Galaxies Encountered in the 2MASS
  7. 5. Position Reconstruction Performance

    6. PSC Characteristics in Selected Reference Regions

    7. Comparison to External Catalogs and Models

      Point Source Catalog

    1. Comparison of PSC Source Counts to SKY Model Predictions
    2. Comparison Between PSC and Published Photometry for Bright Stars
    3. 2MASS Calibration Star Photometry in the Second Incremental Data Release Point Source Catalog
    4. PSC Astrometric Accuracy from Comparison to External Catalogs
    5. Extended Source Catalog

    6. External Checks of 2MASS Galaxy Magnitudes
    7. XSC Position Comparison to External Galaxy Catalogs
    8. Number of Galaxies vs. Galactic Latitude
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