Morphology Gallery of 2MASS Galaxies

T. Jarrett, IPAC

The following list of images show some of the larger galaxies detected by 2MASS. All have a morphological classification as given in the NED database. The gifs include JHK images (2MASS) and the corresponding DSS (optical) image.

IMAGE Notes:
The first panel is the J band image, second the H band image, third the K band image and the fourth panel is the DSS optical image.

Each image is 100X100 arc seconds in size.

The dark blue elliptical contour represents the 20 mag per sq. arcsec isophotal area, and the purple contour the "Kron" elliptical aperture (per band).

Sources that have been "subtracted" from the object fields are circled in red with the size of the circle given by the subtraction radius. Sources circled with a green circle/ellipse represent sources that were previously processed and subsequently blanked from the object field (blanked pixels are then substituted with corresponding isophotal values given by the object of interest, thereby recovering pixel information).

Color information is derived from the fiducial "Kron" magnitude -- thus all three bands have the same aperture (typically taken from K band) applied to it.