WISE Through the Infrared Looking Glass: A Dusty View of Galaxy and AGN Evolution NHSC
2-5 October 2011, Pasadena, CA


Image based on original artwork by John Tenniel and NASA/JPL-Caltech/WISE Team
Surveys carried out by WISE, Spitzer, Akari, Planck, Herschel and ground-based submm telescopes have provided new tools for identifying infrared-selected galaxies and AGNs. Continuing the series of fall infrared astrophysics meetings in Pasadena, this workshop aims to highlight selection strategies, follow-up techniques, results and discoveries with new deep, wide-field surveys at mid-infrared, far-infrared and submm wavelengths.

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Hotel and Conference Location:

The meeting will take place in the Pasadena Hilton. Please see the venue page for more information.

Field Trips:

Conference participants are invited to visit the historic Griffith Observatory and SOFIA. Please see the activities page for more information on both trips.

Reception and Banquet:

Please see the activities page for more information.

Invited Speakers:

David Alexander (Durham University)
Andrew Baker (Rutgers Unviversity)
Andrew Benson (Caltech)
Matthieu Bethermin (Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale)
Jamie Bock (JPL)
Emmanuelle Daddi (CEA)
Mark Dickinson (NOAO)
Duncan Farrah (University of Sussex)
David Frayer (NRAO)
Javier Gracia Carpio (Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics)
Anthony Gonzalez (University of Florida)
Fiona Harrison (Caltech)
Desika Narayanan (Steward Observatory)
Naveen Reddy (NOAO)
Rachel Somerville (STSCI)
Ned Wright (UCLA)
Jonas Zmuidzinas (JPL)

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