SCANPI on the Web

IRAS Scan Processing and Integration on the Web

IRSA has deployed a version of SCANPI that is accessible from the IRSA web pages at Scanpi.

The web version contains the same functionality and user information as the x-windows version, with the exception of the email batch mode, which will be incorporated into the web version in Spring, 2002. The x-windows version will be decommissioned on March 15, 2002, but the batch mode will be supported until it is incorporated into the web version. Please direct questions and comments to

IRAS Scan Processing and Integration

Web SCANPI is an interactive software tool for viewing, plotting and averaging the calibrated survey scans from the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS); these scans are the fundamental data from the IRAS survey. This interface is available for remote access over the Internet from computers running Netscape. SCANPI is useful for measuring the fluxes of extended, confused or faint sources, for diagnosing source extent, and for estimating local upper limits. The sensitivity gain is comparable to that obtained in the IRAS Faint Source Survey-- about a factor of 2-5 over the IRAS Point Source Catalog (PSC), depending on the local noise and number of scans crossing the target position.

SCANPI allows you to interactively subset, plot and coadd IRAS scan data at any sky position of interest from any workstation connected to the Internet. Source lists can also be uploaded via anonymous FTP and read by SCANPI. Due to limited computer resources, remote access is currently limited to one user at a time. This restriction will be lifted in the future. SCANPI is a remote-access tool maintained at IPAC instead of an exported product because it relies on the IRAS Level 1 Archive, which even after a factor of 5 compression takes up ~25 GigaBytes on an optical disk jukebox. SCANPI is intended for immediate access to the basic IRAS data for users wishing to process a few positions interactively. For batch processing of large source lists, the batch SCANPI software which has been available at IPAC for many years is still available.


X-Scanpi Access Instructions

Note: This service will be decommisioned on March 15, 2002. Please use the web version at .

You will need a computer that runs X Windows (such as Motif, OpenWindows, DEC Windows, or other X11-compatible window system, but not SunView). Your workstation must be connected directly to the INTERNET.

Login name is xscanpissh (on Unix, the command is ssh -l xscanpissh
Password is ssh!xscanpi.

After you answer a few questions, the main XSCANPI menu should appear on your computer screen.

If you have related questions on xscanpi only, please send email to


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