Recommendations, Hints, Guide-Lines and Pitfalls in ISOCAM data reduction

What this document is:

This document provides some general guide-lines for ISOCAM long-wavelength (LW) channel data reduction based on the experience of the CAM support scientists. While the attempt is to cover as broad a range of observations as possible, we've undoubtedly missed a number of data reduction issues. This repository will continue to evolve and, eventually, span all known ISOCAM data reduction issues. For the moment, you're encouraged to get in touch with the ISOCAM support teams if these pages provide insufficient help for your data reduction tasks. An alternate place to find similar advice is in Section 20.7 of the CIA manual (version4.0).

What this document is NOT:

- Comments on user Time Commitment


- Recommendations, Hints, Guide-Lines and Pitfalls for the standard ISOCAM reduction.

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