- The CAM Interactive Analysis (CIA) Package.

What is the CIA?

The CIA software is a collection of IDL procedures specifically written to reduce and analyze ISOCAM data.  This is the software of choice if you wish to do customized reduction of your CAM images.  The following pages provide a general overview, history and other information on the CIA package.  Check the CIA pages for hardware and software requirements for CIA.

Mark Sauvage's CIA page
CIA page at VILSPA

CIA documentation

          The CIA user's manual is available as a gzip-ped postscript file from VILSPA
          You can also obtain the 'quick_reference_card' (cheat sheet) from IPAC.

How to get CIA

CIA is available to the astronomical community upon request.   Please contact the ISO help desk at the ISO Data Center (IDC) at VILSPA for further information:


- IPAC First Look Tools

The  IPAC first look tools split the pipeline products into a series of standard 2D FITS images that can be displayed with common utility packages, e.g. IPAC's Skyview or SAOimage, or directly loaded into standard astronomical reduction packages (e.g., IRAF).  Optionally, the tools can also produce a FITS cube from all or a subset of the images.    More information is available here.

- IPAC Second Look Tools

The IPAC second look tools are simply a set of IDL routines that were written here for CAM data analysis.  Most of these routines are now part of the CIA package (see above).  The CIA package should be used instead.