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IPAC First Look Version 5.0

This is a release of the IPAC "First Look" (FL) tools for ISO data.

For PHT, LWS and SWS the first-look Tools will dump the binary FITS tables of the Auto-Analysis Results (AAR) to an ASCII format which is more easily readable by humans and some computer software such as basic plotting packages.

PHT First Look
SWS/LWS First Look

For ISOCAM the first-look tool will split the AAR into a series of standard 2-d FITS images that can be displayed with common utility packages, e.g. IPAC Skyview or SAOimage, or directly loaded into standard astronomical reduction packages (e.g., IRAF). Optionally, the tool can also produce a FITS cube from all or a subset of the images.

CAM First Look

For the FITS files created by flcam, there is an auxilliary program which changes the sign of CDELT1 and CDELT2 and changes CROTA2 by 180 degrees. This allows the image to be viewed right side up by Skyview.

Flip Axes

Also included are files for view the satellite information files, and for identifying and summarizing individual files.

First Look Summary
Satellite File First Look

The programs are intended to conform to ISO data formats of and were tested using ISO Pipeline data generated by "OLP_50"

Executables are available for the following systems:

  • Sun/Solaris_2.4
  • Sun/SunOS_4.1.3_U1
  • Dec/Ultrix_4.4
  • PC/Linux (both ELF and a.out binaries)
  • Dec/OpenVMS AXP V6.1
  • Installation

    To install this software:
    Retrieve the distribution file containing the executables for your system:
    FL_solaris2.4.tar.gz for Sun/Solaris_2.4
    FL_sunos4.1.3_U1.tar.gz for Sun/SunOS_4.1.3_U1
    FL_ultrix.tar.gz for Dec/Ultrix_4.4
    FL_linux_elf.tar.gz for Linux ELF binaries
    FL_linux_aout.tar.gz for Linux a.out binaries
    FL_vms.tar for Dec/OpenVMS AXP V6.1
    (Retrieve this as local file FL_VMS.TAR on vms.)

    Unpack the distribution (this will create the directory FL_5.0E/ )

       gunzip FL_osname.tar.gz
       tar -xf FL_osname.tar
       cd FL_5.0E
    Under OpenVMS unpack FL_5_0E.DIR
       tar/extract FL_vms.tar

    Send comments to

    All software in this distribution is Copyright 1995,1996 California Institute of Technology U.S. Government Sponsorship under NASA Contract NAS7-918 is acknowledged.