FLIP_AXES -- IPAC ISO First Look Auxilliary Program

Version 5.0

Changes sign of CDELT1 and CDELT2, and changes CROTA2 by 180 degrees.

Usage :

flip_axes [-d directory] imagefile [imagefile ...]


FLIP_AXES takes a list of simple FITS images; for each image it changes the sign of CDELT1 and CDELT2, changes CROTA2 by 180 degrees, and writes the resulting image to a file. Normally the image is written back to the same directory with the same filename, destroying the original file. With the -d option, the files are written to a specified output directory, preserving the input files.

Input Files :

The program accepts any scalar FITS images which contain the header keywords CDELT1, CDELT2, and CROTA2.

Output Files :

The input filename (full pathname) is used as the output filename. If the -d option is used, the directory portion of the input filename is removed, then the specified directory is prepended to the output filename.

Options :

-d directory
create the output files in the specified directory, instead of the current directory.

Examples :

flip_axes cmap08000212.fit

would convert one file, with the resulting file overwriting the original input file.

Another example: Convert all files in a directory:

flip_axes /proj/dat/*.fit

Another: Convert all files in a directory, putting the results into another directory:

flip_axes -d /var/tmp *.fit