FLSLWS -- IPAC ISO First Look Tools

First look ASCII conversion of FITS Binary Files of LWS/SWS AAR data.

Usage :

flslws [-d] [-v] [-s] -o output input


FLSLWS reads FITS binary table files of Auto Analysis Results (AAR) derived from LWS/SWS instruments telemetry, optionally sort the columns in specific order for "terse" and "verbose" modes and writes out the ASCII data with header information. The "dump" mode creates an exact ASCII copy of input FITS file.

Sorting is done for -sort option for the columns in the following order (starting from the right)
LWS : wave, flux, stdev, flag, det, sdir, scnt, line, rpid(1), rpid(2)
SWS : wave, flux, stdev, flag, det, sdir, scnt, line

The method used for sorting as follows. First, sort the last column in ascending order, and construct the bins in the sorted column where value changes. For each bin, sort the data for the next column, make the bins for this new sorted column , and sort for the next column for the new bins and so on.

The output file is a simple ASCII table where the header defining the column label uses '|' as seperator between columns. The "unit" line is also written out if it is defined in input FITS file.

Options :

turns on the verbatim mode. The output ACII file contains an exact copy of the input FITS Binary file.
turns on the sorting on data (terse or verbose modes only) as described above.
turns on the verbose mode. The output file contains data on additional columns. The default "terse" outputs the following columns.

wave, flux, stdev, flag, det, sdir, scnt, line, [rpid for LWS]

The verbose mode add columns tint, status, itk, utk in the output table. In addition, detailed description on the status and flag bits are given in the top header for "verbose" mode.

required option. defines the output file name

Name of the output file where ASCII data will be written

Name of the input FITS Binary Table file of LWS/SWS data

Comment :

On Sparc 10, FLSLWS takes 1 to 4 mins clock time (depending on the AOT size) to generate the ASCII output.

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