IPAC ISO Visitor Packet - General Information

Welcome to IPAC! Here is some information that you may find useful.

Hours: IPAC's normal operating hours are Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. The building is locked between ~5:30pm and 8am. If you would like to have access to IPAC during these hours you can obtain a building key from Pat Patterson (rm 122). Return the key to Pat at the end of your visit.
Parking: You can park all day on both sides of Wilson St. in front of IPAC. You can also park in the Tournament Park parking area directly south of IPAC. The entrance is the driveway just south of IPAC. NOTE: The gate to this parking area is locked around dusk - park on Wilson after this time.
Manuals: There should be a complete set of ISO manuals in your office. These can be found in the blue binders labeled by instrument. Please leave these manuals in the visitor office when you leave. If you find any of these notebooks missing or incomplete, please notify Nancy (rm 110).
Phone: Local calls: dial 9 then the number. Long distance calls: dial 8 - area code- number.
Visitor Packet: Upon arrival at IPAC you will be given a visitor packet which should include a local map, restaurant guide, and an overview of some basic software tools that are available. If you have not visited IPAC before you will be given a tour of the building. You can also find a map of IPAC on the wall in your office with the most useful locations (printers, copiers, coffee, etc.) highlighted.
Staff: The ISO Support Staff at IPAC are here to assist you with your ISO data analysis and with any questions you many have during your visit.

ISO Manager: Ken Ganga (currently in France)
Acting ISO Manager: Steve Lord (rm 150, ext 79561)
General Support: Nancy Silbermann (rm 110, ext 79543)
PHOT Support: Nanyao Lu (rm 127, ext 79505)
CAM Support: Babar Ali (rm 117, ext 77029)
SWS Support: Alberto Noriega-Crespo (rm 121, ext 79590)
LWS Support: Sergio Molinari (rm 130, ext 77158)
ISAP Development: Steve Lord (rm 150, ext 79561)

Exit Form: Attached to this packet you will find our "Exit Form". Please fill this out before you leave and put it in Nancy's mailbox or drop it off in her office (rm 110)
Note: Please remember that backups are not made on the ISO visitor computers. Tapes can be provided for you to backup your work before you leave. A script called iso_tar can be used for backup on an 8mm tape. You can also ftp you work to your home institution.

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