ISAP Designers and Programmers

ISAP has mainly been developed by members the SWS and LWS Instrument teams and the ISO Data Centers.
ISAPer Institute
Babar Ali IPAC
Otto Bauer MPE
Jim Brauher IPAC
Mark Buckley RAL
Andrew Harwood RAL
Min Hur IPAC
Iffat Khan IPAC
Jing Li IPAC
Steve Lord IPAC
Dieter Lutz MPE
Joe Mazzarella IPAC
Sergio Molinari IPAC
Pat Morris SRON
Bob Narron  IPAC
Karla Seidenschwang MPE
Sunil Sidher RAL
Eckhard Sturm MPE
Bruce Swinyard RAL
Sarah Unger QMW
Laurent Verstraete IAS
Florence Vivares CESR
Ecki Wieprecht MPE
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Last update:  20-March-01