Importing CAM-CVF and PHT-S spectra in ISAP


CAM-CVF users who wish to use ISAP  spectral analysis tools can now do so with the availability of two new IDL procedures:

Both procedures are used within the CAM Interactive Analysis (CIA) and can convert either the CAM AAR product (the CMAP_____.FITS files) or a custom reduced CVF PDS structure to a FITS file that is readable by ISAP. The utility provides a simple command line interface. The utility provides a GUI front-end for and further allows the ability to average, median or sum pixels in a user defined aperture and export the resulting spectrum. The users can also define background apertures and export background subtracted spectrae. For further information follows the links above.


PHT-S users can now use ISAP to analyse their data. The procedure is simply to read in the file containing the data, which can be pipeline data, or data analysed and calibrated using PIA (PHT Interactive Analysis). Various options are available, and details are found in the document phts_isap.html