Downloading ISAP  2.1:

This release of ISAP 2.1 (March 22, 2001) is  designed for IDL 5.03 or higher, UNIX, and ISO Pipeline 7 or higher data or post-mission archive browse products (fits files). ISAP 2.1 replaces ISAP 2.0 and ISAP2.0a (removing several "Known Bugs and Problems"  and allowing ISAP to run under IDL 5.4)

 To Download ISAP 2.1 for UNIX (a 13.3 Mbyte file)

  • Create a directory that will contain this version of ISAP.
  • Control-Click here to download gzipped tar file into the new directory
  • Place this file in the new directory.
  • gunzip *.gz
  • tar xvf *.tar
  • Follow instructions in INSTALLATION file to complete the installation.
  • Follow instructions in README to start the program.



    To Download ISAP 2.1 for VMS Click  here   (Coming soon - please wait) .

    Regarding Operating Systems, Windowing Systems:

     ISAP System requirements:
  • IDL   (version 5.03, or later) (click here to find out more about IDL)
  • X windows
  • Unix or VMS



    This release is designed for x-windowing systems.  If you use the Common Desktop Environment, you will want to look at "Known Bugs and Problems" for advice on fonts. If you are using other LINUX, we report that ISAP will run under LINUX and we post LINUX suggestions and cosmetic fixes here as well. ISAP is not supported under Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000.

    LIA 8.1 Release

    Through the efforts of the LWS instrument team and members of the LWS consortium a new release of the LWS interactive analysis tools: LIA, v8.1has been available since early Nov 2000.  Version 8.1 supports pipeline 8 and 9 data only. LIA 10.0 is expected for release by summer 2001, and will support pipelines 7-10.

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