Using The ISAP GUI

General Layout:

The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a large interactive window consisting of a series of buttons, placed at the top of the GUI and along the lefthand side. The main plot window appears in the middle and there is a message window at the bottom. The sizes of all ISAP windows can be made fit to the user's screen by resizing them.

To save space many of the buttons on the GUI are "pull-down" menus this means that when you click on them using the left mouse button you will reveal a set of additional buttons. Some of the applications e.g Average generate a secondary plot window - the use of these windows is given with the description of the applications.

Note some of the button labels are in black and some are in grey. A grey button means that the button cannot be used at present e.g "Replot Max" - you have not yet plotted any data so you cannot rescale and replot it! However as soon as you do plot some data the button changes colour and becomes black.
The GUI is simple to use and it is driven by the use of a mouse.

Rather than describing all the buttons now it is easier to load some data and explain each button in a more logical fashion. If however you prefer to learn about all the buttons/routines at once see Gui Buttons .

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Last update: 20 Nov 1998