ISO Spectral Analysis Package - ISAP

ISAP is designed to assist in post-pipeline processing of SWS and LWS data. It can also be applied to PHOT-S and CAM-CVF data, and data from practically any spectrometer. ISAP is publicly available and operates in the IDL environment. A copy of the software can be obtained via FTP by following the instructions below. In addition to obtaining ISAP, users of ISO spectroscopy data are advised to: 1) consult the detailed ISO WEB sites at Vilspa, the NDCs, IPAC and 2) contact instrument experts at Vilspa, the NDCs and /or IPAC prior to in-depth analysis of their data. If you are doing careful data reduction, you will want to learn about the packages OSIA (for SWS) and LIA (for LWS) linked below. ISAP 2.1 is intended to be the final release for ISAP.

ISAP Information

LWS Information

SWS Information

Other Information
Importing ISOCAM CVF and PHT-S data into ISAP

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Last update: 20 April 2003