ISAP v.2.1 works with IDL v. 5.4 and higher (and also works with previous IDL versions (5.0 - 5.03)

A non-upward compatible feature of IDL, IDL's determined "size" of undefined variables, causes ISAP v. 2.0 to fail during start-up with IDL versions 5.4 and later. IDL's response to the command: print,size(new), where new is undefined, changed between IDL 5.03 and IDL v5.4. This caused ISAP v2.0 installations to fail when IDL was upgraded to v.5.4.  The new ISAP v2.1 has this problem fixed and can run under old IDL v5.0.3 or new IDL v5.4 and higher.

Also,  there was an ISAP bug involving the reading of ascii files and photometry files that caused a procedure to fail with IDL  v.5.0.3 and higher. The new ISAP v5.4 has this bug fixed and so again is compatable with old and new IDL versions.


Many users are reporting successful operation of ISAP under LINUX. Some color table problems may still exist for some installations. For details see  "Known bugs and Fixes" on the IPAC ISAP Website.

Up-to-date Processing

Pipelines 9,  and, for LWS, Pipeline 10 calibration files (RSRF: LCGR.FITS; CAL25*030.FITS) are available from the /isap/data area using the FITS Read option.

The "Dark" option of Shift for LWS will use the appropriate pipeline (7, 8, 9[=8], 10) RSRF file.

Large AARs, with greater than 700 scans, will have the buttons built correctly.

The user may set the parameter !gui_scan_buttons in the start-up file start_isap.idl  to a number greater than the required number of scans. Likewise, when the user attempts to plot more than 100,000 points on a plot, resetting !gui_cw_max_oplots to a larger value will allow this.

LWS Filter Profiles have been added to the Smoothing Package:

The purpose here is to allow the user to experiment with the LWS_LW and LWS_SW filter profiles, comparing these, when smoothed against gaussians of a given width, with observed spectral lines, to assess the intrinsic source velocity width.

Filters have been added to the Photometry Package:

MSX Filters: A, B1, B2, C, and D, and 2MASS H, J, and K filters are now available in the photometry package, in addition to the preliminary SIRTF filters.

Improved Documentation for LWS Defringing :

The documentation now discusses masking and extended sources in more detail.

Fixed Bugs:

The percent bad SWS data is now reported on read-in.

The shifting routine now reports the shift factors.

W/cm^2/micron is now allowed by change units.

Also, see what's new from ISAP v2.0

Last Modified 6 March-2001