Resizing of ISAP Windows:

ISAP windows can be made smaller to fit to the user's screen by resizing them in 2 different ways.

1. Make the windows scrollable. A system variable "!isap_scroll" is defined in the startup script
   "start_isap.idl" resided in ISAP top level directory with a default value of 0. Edit the script 
   to change the value to 1. All ISAP large windows will be scrollable.

2. Some of the windows (Main, Rebin) can be made smaller by reducing the size of plot window.
   These sizes are also controlled by the system variables defined in the startup script "start_isap.idl"
   in top level directory. These are given below with their defaults. Edit the script to make them smaller.

   ISAP Main Plot: !gui_cw_main_x , !gui_cw_main_y 
                   The defaults are (650, 350). 

   Average: !gui_cw_avg_x, !gui_cw_avg_y
                   The defaults are (350, 300). 

   Rebin: !gui_cw_rebin_x, !gui_cw_rebin_y
                   The defaults are (350, 300).