LWS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(Some of the answers found below are paraphrased from the LWS observers Manual, writen by: P. E. Clegg, A. Heske, and N. R. Trams)

Which AOT (1,2,3,4) Does What?

Do I Have the Right Sort of Signal/Noise Numbers?

How do I Run the Time Estimator?

What is the Real Maximum Wavelength Range?

What is Overscanning?

What Do You Mean, I Get 9 Detectors Free?!

What is the Narrow Band Photometry AOT?

When Do the Detectors Saturate?

When is FAST Mode Useful?

How do I Run the Time Estimator?

How Far Away Should I Place The Reference Position?

What are the Ways to Save on Overheads?

Why does the Time per Raster Point Increase when the Map Size Increases???

What Happens when the Line Width is Entered into the PGA or Time Estimator?

How do I get my Wavelengths with respect to Vhelio?

What Scan Width Should I Use?

What Spectral Sampling Interval Should I Use?

Overhead Times Explained

Reference Position Measurements