Absolute Responsivity Correction Factors 

This tool can be used for all LWS AOTs.

Invoking the Interactive Tool 

; Example        ia_abscorr,dir='/user/iso/data/',tdt='44700574',/newdarks
; Arguments    Name           I/O  Type     Description
;                       -----------------------------------------------------------------
;                          tdt               I     string    the tdt number associated with the observation. For example if the tdt  number
;                                                                  is 44700574 then the routine will look for data files l*44700574.fits. If not
;                                                                  specified the routine assumes that files to be read are called l*.fit (viz the SOC
;                                                                  processed files from the CD_ROM).
;                          dir               I     string     the directory from which the input files are to be read. It can be a relative or
;                                                                  absolute path. e.g. dir='data/'.
;                                                                  If not specified then the data are read from the user's curent working directory.
;                         /mc              I    keyword  If set, the routine reads the MC-FITS format data files from the ARC_DAT
;                                                                  directory. Only expected to be used by the instrument team.
;                        /newdarks   I    keyword  If set, the routine will assume that the user has previously interactively estimated
;                                                                  and subtracted the DC. In this case the LIAC+tdt+_newdarks.fits file is read in
;                                                                  input instead of the standard LIAC file
;                        /update   I   keyword        If set, the routine will assume that the user wants to work on a previously
;                                                                  modified set of files, or wants to resume a previous session

The following Widget will pop-up (the plot area will be empty; button 'SW3' has been hit in the example below):


A Description of the User Interface 

The black area is the plot window, with its control buttons (Replot, Unzoom, Hardcopy) on its right side. Below the plot area the following groups of buttons are visible from left to right: At the bottom of the Widget there is a text area where messages are prompted to the user about actions to be performed and displaying information.

The ARC Estimate Cookbook 

The following is the list of the steps that should be followed for the ARC estimate.

Document by: Sergio Molinari, IPAC/Caltech
Last Update: Jan 19, 1999