Downloading LWS Interactive Analysis (LIA) Version 8.0

Starting today 4th May, 2000 the LWS Interactive Analysis (LIA) version 8.0 is ready for you to download. LIA 8.0 is valid for OLP version 8 data products only. LIA Version 8.0 is delivered by RAL in collaboration with IPAC; these pages mirror the original RAL pages for the download convenience of US based users. ALSO - SEE DOWNLOAD 8.1 PATCH
Major improvements with respect to previous version include:

UNIX and IDL 5.03 or higher.

ISAP version 2.0 should be installed on your computer, which contains the OLP 8 calibration files for the LWS.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Install LIA 8.0

Check out the LWS data reduction recipes (IPAC pages)

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