The LWS Beam Sizes

The determination of the LWS beam sizes has recently been revised by C. Lloyd, of the LWS Instrument Team at RAL, using a fully sampled raster map of Mars. We encourage you to download the PostScript file with Lloyd's full report explaining in detail the procedure followed.

In the Table below we summarize his results. The figure reported for each detector is the radius R in arcsec of the equivalent cylinder which contains 100% of the intrinsic source flux:
Detector R (")
SW1 41.2
SW2 43.8
SW3 45.5
SW4 44.8
SW5 44.3
LW1 42.7
LW2 44.0
LW3 40.0
LW4 40.7
LW5 42.0

The possibility to convert from flux into flux/sr using the above values, will be available with release 2.0 of ISAP.

Last updated: 8 September 1999