ISOPHOT Data Products from the ISO Archive

If your data files are ftped from the ISO archive, each observation is in a zipped tar file (e.g.,27600123.tar.gz, where the number is referred to as TDT number) which contains individual data files. You need to unpack the zipped tar file. Also, the individual data files have names made of the TDT number and letters in lower case. If you intend to use the ISOPHOT Interactive Analysis (PIA) to look and probably reduce your data, you also need to change those lower-case letters in the names of individual data files into upper cases. IPAC has a Unix script called "unpackiso" that you can use to do unpacking and renaming simultaneously. (Note: you have to first cd to the directory where your ISO zipped tar files are, then run this script.  Also, it will put all individual data files in the current directory.)

The next section explains briefly what the data files per observation you might receive in the tar file. You may only receive some of the files if you did not request to receive files at all processing stages. The last section describes the calibration files that you can either request from the ISO archive or find in the PIA. An official and detailed document of these files is available in the ISOPHOT Data Users Manual.

Last update: Sept. 1997