* Announcement of an ISOPHOT P32 Data Reduction Workshop at IPAC *
		         (March 26 - 30, 2001)

Dear ISO Observers and Users,

The ISO Observer Support team at IPAC is pleased to announce an ISOPHOT 
workshop to be held at IPAC March 26-30, 2001.  The workshop is oriented
to researchers using maps from P32 observations, an observing mode that
uses an internal chopper to oversample the point spread function.  However,
the relatively rapid movement of the chopper induces detector transients 
that led to some angular resolution reduction and spatial distortion in 
surface brightness distribution.  A dedicated software package will be 
used at the workshop to correct for these detector transients.

The workshop will begin at 10am on March 26th and consist generally of 
lectures in the mornings and hands-on computer work with real data in 
the afternoons.  Instructors will include visiting experts from the PHT 
consortium and the Vilspa ISO Data Center.  Preliminary information about
the workshop can be found on our workshop web page at 
This web site will be updated periodically.

We welcome P32 observers and data users to register for the workshop.  
The registration deadline is January 29, 2001. However early registration
is highly recommended as we can only support a limited number of participants.
To register, simply fill out the following registration form and email it
back to us at iso@ipac.caltech.edu.  For questions, please contact 
Dr. Nanyao Lu at lu@ipac.caltech.edu or (626) 397-9505.

Sincerely Yours,

ISO Observer Support Team at IPAC 

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