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2.1 Introduction

Getting started with SWS data can be broken down into the following steps:

Reading the data from CD-ROM  and having a quick-look at the data
Selecting data
Re-bin onto equidistant wavelength grid
Process up-down scans 
Join AOT bands  together

The easiest data to work with is the AAR  data, as this contains fluxes against wavelength. The SPD  and ERD  can be worked with if required, but will require a more detailed knowledge of the instrument and software normally available only to the SOC or instrument team.

Two tools are available to help with getting a first look at ISO data. These are the IPAC First Look tools and ISAP, the ISO Spectral Analysis Package for SWS and LWS Auto Analysis Results. Information on both of these, including where to get them, can be found in the aboutiso/news directory of the CD-ROM containing your data. Information of ISAP can also be found at and for the First Look tools at

K. Leech with contributions from
the SWS Instrument Dedicated Team (SIDT)
and the SWS Instrument Support Team (SIST)