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1.1 Purpose

This ISO Data User Manual (IDUM ) is one in a series of five documents that explain data sent out on CD-ROM  to observers from the ISO Science Operations Centre. Four of the five explain the contents of data files from an individual instrument (CAM, LWS, PHOT or SWS     ), while the fifth, the ISO Satellite Data Users manual (ISO DUM ) explains the contents of the general ISO data files. This document describes the files associated with SWS.

The purpose of this document is to indicate to the observer:

How SWS operates
What processing steps have been carried out on the data
The cause and magnitudes of the uncertainties in the data
What other processing can be carried out on the data by the observer

K. Leech with contributions from
the SWS Instrument Dedicated Team (SIDT)
and the SWS Instrument Support Team (SIST)