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1.3 What's new


This section describes major document changes between versions.

1.3.1 Issue 1

Issue 1 was the first released version.

1.3.2 Issue 1.1

Issue 1.1 was released after the Performance Verification (PV ) phase. It incorporated much of the knowledge gained in PV and was extensively re-written. Sections added include ``Effect of Fringes'', 6, ``Pointing Accuracy'', 5.7 and ``Resolution'' (since deleted). Sections extensively rewritten include ``SWS Overview'', Chapter 3, and ``Files on the CD-ROM'' (name changed to ``CD Contents''), 1.4.

1.3.3 Issue 1.2

Issue 1.2 had a revised caveats chapter 0. Section 5.2, ``Detector Noise & Dark Current'', was added moving all other sections of this chapter down.

1.3.4 Issue 2.0

Issue 2.0, was a major re-write to coincide with the release of the scientifically validated SWS pipeline, OLP version 5.0. It added sections 5.3, ``Behaviour during a reset'', section 9.3.2 to explain the new SWGH glitch file, section 2.8, ``Smooth data'' and section 2.4, ``Selecting Data''.

Chapters extensively updated include chapter 2.9, ``Caveats on the SWS IDUM'', chapter 7, ``SWS Calibration'' and chapter 8, ``The Standard Product Generation Pipeline''.

Sections updated include the introduction, section 8.3.6, ``up-down scans'', section 5.5, ``Memory effects'', section 6, ``Effect of Fringes'' and chapter 2, ``Getting Started''.

1.3.5 Issue 2.1

Only the caveats were updated.

1.3.6 Issue 3.0

This was a major update timed to coincide with the release of data processed with OLP V6.0. Major changes were made to the structure of the document with two chapters is issue 2.1, chapter 0 ``Caveats on SWS Data Products'' and chapter 2, ``How to use this manual'', being turned into sections of other chapters in this issue. Chapter 2, ``Getting Started'' was extensively modified and brought forward in the IDUM. These changes resulted in all other chapters being renumbered.

Chapter 2 of issue 2.1, ``How to use this manual'' became section 1.2 of this manual, and chapter 0 of issue 2.1, ``Caveats on SWS Data Products'', became section 2.9.

As issue 3 was released with OLP V6.0 section 2.9, ``Caveats on SWS Data Products'' was extensively re-written.

Section ``Effect of Fringes'' was turned into a chapter ``The RSRF and Effect of Fringes'', 6, by the addition of the document ``RSRF calibration and implications'', version 1.0, written by Bart Vandenbussche (SIDT/KUL) in July 1996.

The document ``Glitch removal effects on spectral lines in fast speed AOT 1 observations'', produced by A. Heras in January 1997, was added as section 8.5. The document ``The Error Propagation of the SWS Pipeline'', written by E. Wieprecht on 11 Feb 1997 (and partly based on Do Kesters paper ``The calculation of slopes'', dated 4 Jan 96) was introduced as section 8.4.

Sections ``Entrance apertures and spacecraft axis'', 3.2.2, ``SWAALINE and SWAASCNT'', 9.4.2 were added.

The sections describing AOTs, 4.2 to 4.5 were updated and had new diagrams inserted.

Other sections extensively modified include 1.5, ``How to contact ESA or other institutes'', 3.2.1, ``The Instrument'', 4.6.2, ``frequency switch'', 4.6.3, ``Recognising the start of an AOT'', 5.2, ``Detector Noise & Dark Current'', 5.3, ``Behaviour around a reset'', 5.4, ``Glitches'', 5.5, ``Memory effects'', 8.3.8, ``Flux calibration'', 5.7, ``Pointing accuracy'', 8.2.3, ``Subtract MIDBIT Values'', 8.2.4, ``Correct for reset pulse effects'', 8.3.6, ``up-down scans'', 8.2.14, ``Assign wavelength for grating and FP'', 8.3.4, ``Subtraction of dark currents'', 8.3.5, ``Frequency switch calibration'', 8.3.7, ``Responsivity check'', 8.3.11, ``Extracting data from the SPD'', 8.6, ``Version history of the SPG pipeline'', 2.4, ``Selecting data'', 2.6, ``Process up-down scans'', 9.4.1, ``SWS Auto-Analysis Results'', 9.5.24, ``SWS Cal-G 19 Grating FWHM''. Other sections have been updated in ways too minor to warrant recording.

1.3.7 Issue 3.1

Issued after the release of OLP 6.1.

The main change from IDUM V3.0 was the addition of several documents, listed below, and the splitting up of the old Chapter 3, ``Instrument and AOT overview'', into two new chapters 3, ``Instrument overview'', and 3, ``AOT overview''. This caused all subsequent chapters to be renumbered.

All occurrences of the term ``frequency-switch'' were removed from the IDUM and replaced by ``Reference scans''. ``frequency-switch'' is an old term no longer used.

The document ``Single Detector Signal Jumps'', produced by A. Heras in June 1997, was added as section 5.9.

Section 4.8, ``Spectral Resolution'', from IDUM V3.0 was deleted in this issue. This was because document ``Grating instrumental profile and resolution'', produced by M.E. van den Ancker, R. Voors and K. Leech in July 1997, and describing the spectral resolution in more detail, was added. The AOT 1 relevant section from that document was added as section 4.2.3, the rest was added as section 5.8.

The document ``Possible Detector Memory Effects in SWS Grating range spectra (AOT S06) due to SWS Reference Scans'', produced by K. Leech and P. Morris in May 1997, was added as section 5.6, ``Reference Scan Memory Effects''.

The document ``Spurious Spectral Features seen in band 2C'', produced by Russell Shipman, Douwe Beintema & Rens Waters on 18 July 1997, was added as section 6.5.6, ``Spurious Spectral Features seen in Band 2C''.

Section 5.7, ``Pointing accuracy'', was substantially modified by the addition of the document ``Effects seen in data induced by incorrect target coordinates or crowded fields'', produced by K. Leech and A. Heras in June 1997.

Section 5.10, ``CAM CVF & SWS'' was added.

Other sections modified include 2.4, ``Selecting data'', 2.9, ``Current Caveats on SWS Data Products'', 4.6.2, ``Reference scans'', 5.2, ``Detector Noise & Dark Current'', 5.3, ``Behaviour around a reset'', 6.3, ``RSRF Calibration sources and model sources'', 6.5.1, ``Present quality of RSRFs'' and 9.3.1, ``SWS Standard Processed Data''. Section 9.5.24 was modified and renamed from ``SWS Cal-G 19 Grating FWHM'' to ``SWS Cal-G 19 AOT 1 resolution factors''.

Other sections have been updated in ways too minor to warrant recording.

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K. Leech with contributions from
the SWS Instrument Dedicated Team (SIDT)
and the SWS Instrument Support Team (SIST)