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8.6 Version history of the SPG pipeline


The SPG  pipeline went through several revisions during the ISO mission. From OLP  version 5.0 all SWS products were declared scientifically valid. Prior to that version only the ERD had been declared valid.

To find out which version of the OLP software produced a FITS product look at the header field OLPVERS.

The history of the OLP pipeline is as follows:

- released from 27 Oct 95
- released from 13 Nov 95
- released from 21 Nov 95
- released from 8 Dec 95
- released from 18 Dec 95
- released from 26 Dec 95
- released from 8 Jan 96
- released from 10 Jan 96
- released from 24 Jan 96
- released from 5 Feb 96
- released from 12 Feb 96
- released from 19 Feb 96
- released from 11 Mar 96
- released from 18 Mar 96
- released from 25 Mar 96
- released from 2 Apr 96
No changes relevant to SWS.
- active from 13 May 1996.
Often does not produce (proper) LW output and the wavelengths are incorrect for fast AOT 1 (speed 1,2,3).
- active as of about 21 May 1996.
LW output (in terms of flux level) is corrected again, wavelengths for fast AOT 1's still bad.
- active as of 11 June 1996.
SWS AC correction improved and standard deviation in SWS SPD now calculated correctly.
- active 19 June 1996.
Column SWAALINE in SWS AA now filled properly.
- active as of 19 August 1996
Scientifically validated pipeline.
- active as of 1 October 1996
The system was changed so that when reprocessing data from a revolution the Cal-G files pertaining to that revolution would be used, instead of the latest ones. This is in case, e.g. the wavelength calibration changed during the mission leading to several wavelength calibration files each relevant for a portion of the entire mission. This was a transparent modification as far as users are concerned.
- released as of 19 November 1996
No changes relevant to SWS.
- released as of 13 December 1996
No changes relevant to SWS.
- released as of 5 May 1997
Many changes. They can be found by looking through this document for the words `OLP V6'. The most important are a better flux and wavelength calibration, the filling of the standard deviation field in the output (SWSPSTDV) with valid information, the extracting into the AAR only the science data rather than all data for which a valid wavelength could be assigned and the removal of the bugs discussed in section 2.10.
- released as of 1 Aug 1997
Cal-G files 13 and 25_x   used by OLP 6.0 were derived with calibration analysis software inconsistent with the OLP V6.0 software (this was noted only after the deadline for OLP V6.0). Cal-G files 13 and 25_x were therefore re-derived to be consistent. The opportunity was also taken to re-derive some of the Cal-G 25_x files using observations of standard stars.

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K. Leech with contributions from
the SWS Instrument Dedicated Team (SIDT)
and the SWS Instrument Support Team (SIST)