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1.5 How to contact ESA or other institutes


There are several ways to contact or to get information from ESA.

Send a question to the helpdesk, `'.
Look at the ISO WWW page, at ``''. There is a SWS page linked to this, accessed by clicking on `SWS'
Access our anonymous FTP account, ``'', in the directory ``/pub/iso''.

American observers can also obtain support from IPAC by:

Sending a question to the IPAC helpdesk, `'.
Looking at the IPAC ISO WWW page, at ``''.

Observers should note that Space Research Organization Netherlands (SRON) Groningen has an ISO page at and that the ISO Spectrometer Data Centre at the Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik (MPE), Garching, Germany has a web page at

K. Leech with contributions from
the SWS Instrument Dedicated Team (SIDT)
and the SWS Instrument Support Team (SIST)