SWS Data File Descriptions

Last update: 22-Apr-96 The SWS pipeline data are distributed by ESA as binary FITS tables.

SWS Compact Status: ssta*

SWS Edited Raw Data (ERD): swer*

Example: plot the 12th sample of the 200th second for detector 10 via:

Standard Processed Data (SPD): swsp*

Detector independent data (for each 1 second interval): Detector dependent data (table with 5 columns): Example: Plot the flux versus wavelength for detector 10, second 200 via:

SWS Auto Analysis Results (AAR): swaa*

Field NumberFormatUnitDescription
SWAAWAVE1R*4micronWavelength of data point
SWAAFLUX1R*4JyFlux density of data point
SWAASTDV1R*4JyStandard Deviation
SWAATINT1I*4secTotal integration time
SWAADETN1I*4 Detector number
SWAAITK1I*4 SWS instrument time key
SWAAUTK1I*4 ISO uniform time key
SWAARPID2I*1 Raster point ID
SWAALINE1I*4 Line number
SWAASDIR1I*4 Scan direction
SWAASCNT1I*4 Scan number
SWAASTAT1I*4 Status word
SWAAFLAG1I*4 Flag word
SWS Insrument Data Users Manual, Issue 1.0 (SAI/95-221/Dc), K. Leech, ISO Science Operations, Vilspa, 24 November 1995.

SWS Calibration ("Cal-G" files)

FilenameFilenameDescription (Click for Details)
SC01 SWS Cal-G 1 Electronic crosstalk matrices
SC02 SWS Cal-G 2 RC Correction timescales
SC03 SWS Cal-G 3 Reset cutout lengths
SC04 SWS Cal-G 4 Amplifier limits
SC05 SWS Cal-G 5 Switchable gains
SC06 SWS Cal-G 6 Glitch reject levels
SC07 SWS Cal-G 7 Grating detector noise
SC08 SWS Cal-G 8 Grating calibration specs
SC09 SWS Cal-G 9 LVDT-Angle relation
SC10 SWS Cal-G 10 Key wavelengths
SC11 SWS Cal-G 11 FP Calibration spectrum
SC12 SWS Cal-G 12 FP Gap-position relation
SC13 SWS Cal-G 13 Relative flux
SC14 SWS Cal-G 14 Intensity of internal cal sources
SC15 SWS Cal-G 15 Intensity of cal sources
SC16A SWS Cal-G 16A Aperture effects
SC16B SWS Cal-G 16B Element offsets
SC16C SWS Cal-G 16C Grating constants
SC16D SWS Cal-G 16D Telescope area
SC16E SWS Cal-G 16E Scanner curve coefficients
SC18 SWS Cal-G 18 Effective gap relation
SC19 SWS Cal-G 19 Grating FWHM
SC20 SWS Cal-G 20 Relative detector response
SC21_1SWS Cal-G 21_1 Det. dark current/noise for 1 sec reset
SC21_2SWS Cal-G 21_2 Det. dark current/noise for 2 sec reset
SC21_4SWS Cal-G 21_4 Det. dark current/noise for 4 sec reset
SC21_8SWS Cal-G 21_8 Det. dark current/noise for 8 sec reset
SC22 SWS Cal-G 22 Det. response: diffuse source and flusher
SC23 SWS Cal-G 23 Wave limits for bands
SC24 SWS Cal-G 24 Wave limits for apertures
SC25_1ASWS Cal-G 25_1A Spectral responsivity for band 1A
SC25_1BSWS Cal-G 25_1B Spectral responsivity for band 1B
SC25_1DSWS Cal-G 25_1D Spectral responsivity for band 1D
SC25_1ESWS Cal-G 25_1E Spectral responsivity for band 1E
SC25_2ASWS Cal-G 25_2A Spectral responsivity for band 2A
SC25_2BSWS Cal-G 25_2B Spectral responsivity for band 2B
SC25_2CSWS Cal-G 25_2C Spectral responsivity for band 2C
SC25_3ASWS Cal-G 25_3A Spectral responsivity for band 3A
SC25_3CSWS Cal-G 25_3C Spectral responsivity for band 3C
SC25_3DSWS Cal-G 25_3D Spectral responsivity for band 3D
SC25_4 SWS Cal-G 25_4 Spectral responsivity for band 4
SC25_5ASWS Cal-G 25_5A Spectral responsivity for band 5A
SC25_5BSWS Cal-G 25_5B Spectral responsivity for band 5B
SC25_5CSWS Cal-G 25_5C Spectral responsivity for band 5C
SC25_5DSWS Cal-G 25_5D Spectral responsivity for band 5D
SC25_6 SWS Cal-G 25_6 Spectral responsivity for band 6


ISO SWS Observer's Manual
IA3 User's Manual
IA3 Programmers's Manual
IA3 Reference Manual
Various memos and communications from the SWS Instrument Dedicated Team.


These are personal notes of J. Mazzarella which are in no way complete or intended to be a substitute for the original SWS document set. They are made available in case they may be of use to others.

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