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SWS Workshop Notebook

The SWS Workshop was a special instrument workshop held at IPAC on November 18-21. At this meeting, lectures about ISO-SWS were given by instrument experts from Europe and IPAC. Lecture topics included the flux calibration, dark current measurements, and photometry. Helpful tips about creating final AAR products from the pipeline processed SPD products were explained. ISAP and SWS-IA demonstrations were given so that "hands on" data reduction could be performed on the visiting scientist's own data. The instructors attending the meeting are listed below:

Adwin Boogert (SRON)
Do Kester (SRON)
Pat Morris (SIDT)
Alberto Noriega-Crespo (IPAC)
Russ Shipman (Air Force Research Laboratory, VSBC)
Eckhard Sturm (MPE)
Sarah Unger (IPAC)

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